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Valcena Paris

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VALCENA is a beauty care brand built on the firm conviction that it is possible to join science and pleasure with the goal of stimulating the natural mechanisms of protection, repair and cellular renewal to maintain the skin’s health and youth.

To carry out this mission, we rely on a team of professionals who have created this first line of Natural Rose Absolute products to provide effective and well tolerated daily care. At the same time, these products stimulate the sensual enjoyment of voluptuous scents and lights, silky, fluid textures.

To the quality of VALCENA’s products, is associated the quality service that every woman find in VALCENA’s beauty partners. Our brand takes the commitment to support personally its partners.

Brand Values

  • Innovation: VALCENA Paris is a cosmetic brand, whose first range is based on an original asset, the Rose Absolute Essence.
  • Pleasure: The creamy texture, the delicate fragrance, the sensual and aphrodisiac virtues of Damascena Rose offer for each VALCENA product care, pleasure and well-being.
  • Security and Professionalism: VALCENA has designed and developed its range with a team of professionals who are committed to using both pure and organic assets in the Natural Rose Absolute line.


Exigent products charter 

  • VALCENA beauty care brand is developed from a precious and authentic active ingredient, the Damascena Rose Essence
  • Grown, harvested and dried in the Balkan Valley, active and olfactory properties of Damascena Rose are delicately preserved
  • VALCENA bottle and jar containers, chosen for their refined aesthetics, are adapted for cosmetic use and protect each product which retains all its properties
  • The product range “Natural Rose Absolute” are paraben free, with no harsh preservatives, and no added colouring
  • The products have not been tested on animals


Natural Rose Absolute

  • VALCENA offers in its range Natural Rose Absolute, a complete and essential range of 20 products of daily and specific cares with active formulas reinforced by the Natural Rose Oil known for its moisturising, soothing and refreshing properties


A technology based on rose extract 

  • At the heart of its petals, Damascena rose contains one of the highest rates of natural rose essence. This flower is both generous and capricious because its farming requires very specific weather conditions and exceptional soil quality
  • It takes about 3 000kg of hand-picked flowers to make 1L of rose essence. The precious liquid is decanted, filtered and stored. Natural constituents of the petals make a high quality vegetable oil used by most major brands of perfumes and cosmetics because it has nearly 300 molecular components some of which are not synthetically reproducible
  • The Natural Rose Absolute range was born of this natural and exceptional asset, which provides answers and statements for each type of skin with its softening, regenerative and restorative virtues
  • Used in the form of rose essence, it provides the necessary nutrients for dry skin to fill the lack of fatty skin. The skin regains all its welfare and glow. 
  • Used in the form of rose water, it fills the lack of water for dehydrated skin. The skin is refreshed, relaxed and softened
  • Antiseptic, antibacterial and healing, it treats all skin irritations and reduces the appearance of oily skin pimples. Thanks to its astringent, it tightens the pores, purifies the skin and helps regulate the sebum excess
  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, calming and softening, rose is suitable for all types of skin even the most sensitive. It helps boost microcirculation and reduce redness
  • For mature skin, rose not only delays the effects of ageing with its protective properties, but also fights against the signs of ageing by increasing the skin’s elasticity thanks to its regenerative properties. 
  • Nowadays, women have a clear and qualitative answer thanks to the combination of efficiency, well-being and pleasure with VALCENA’s cosmetic care. 
Brand: Valcena
Beautifying Face oil Valcena with Rose & Macadamia oil for Normal to Dehydrated skin Active Ingredients: 100% pure Rosa Damascena oil, Macadamia oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Rosemary extract. This oil contains 98% Naturally derived ingredients. It is FREE ..
Brand: Valcena
Comforting Face oil Valcena with Rose & Jojoba oil for Dry skin Active Ingredients: 100% pure Rosa Damascena oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Rosemary extract. This oil contains 99.4% Naturally derived ingredients. It is FREE from parabens, mineral..
Anti-age Lift Performance Day cream for mature skin Valcena Paris
Hot New
Brand: Valcena
Anti-age Lift Performance Day cream Valcena Paris is an essential day cream for ladies over 40's. This product is FREE from parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone, mineral oils and colorants. It is vegan and not tested on animals. The combined action of the concentrated active ingredients in this high..
Brand: Valcena
The Moisturizing Gel-cream Valcena is the ideal everyday companion of combination to oily skin: its ultralight texture absorbs into the skin instantly and becomes imperceptible. Suitable for normal or combination to oily skin. Benefits: The Hamamelis hydrolate (Witch hazel) with astringent and pu..
Revitalizing Face oil Valcena with Rose & Argan oil - Mature skin
Hot New
Brand: Valcena
Revitalizing Face oil Valcena with Rose & Argan oil for Mature skin Active Ingredients: 100% pure Rosa Damascena oil, Argan oil, Rose Geranium oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Rosemary extract. This oil contains 99.5% Naturally derived ingredients. It is FREE ..
Anti-age LIft Shot Fiber Mask Valcena Paris with Collagen
Featured New
Brand: Valcena
Fiber Face mask Anti Age Lift Shot Valcena Paris enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Collagen. The box contains 5 single-dose sachets. A powerful anti-ageing booster, Lift Shot Fiber Mask helps combat the signs of ageing in one step. Grape extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, whic..
Hydractive Preventative Cream Serum Valcena Paris with Rose oil
Featured New
Brand: Valcena
A dual acting partner that combines the benefits of a moisturising serum and a preventative cream in one expert formula. Hydractive Cream-Serum helps fight against the free radicals that are primarily responsible for skin ageing. It contains Co-enzyme Q10, as well as Hyaluronic acid for its plumping..
Brand: Valcena
Delicate Face Scrub radiance Valcena Paris. The expert solution for like-new skin , provides complete and ultra-gentle exfoliation. The combination of exfoliating Jojoba spheres/Rice powder and Shea butter with nourishing properties offers effective yet gentle cleansing. A selection o..
Purifying Cleansing Foam for Normal to Oily skin Valcena Paris
Hot New
Brand: Valcena
The Cleansing Foam Freshness softly cleanses normal to oily skin as a gentle cloud of purity. Skin is clear, fresh and delicately perfumed. Suitable for combination and oily type of skin. Benefits: Its texture is both light and creamy and provides an invigorating sensation. A hydrolate complex of..
Pure Essence Correcting Serum for Normal to Oily skin Valcena Paris
Hot New
Brand: Valcena
Like a concentrate of purity, Pure Essence Blemish Correcting Serum helps tighten and smooth the skin's texture and diminish imperfections. Your skin is refreshed and radiant and your complexion is purified.The Correcting Serum Valcena is formulated from Witch hazel hydrolate with astringent and pur..
Multi active Regenerating Night cream Valcena Paris with Rose oil
Hot New
Brand: Valcena
High quality night face moisturiser with Bulgarian Rose oil. Based on a rich formula that intensively restores the skin during the night and made with exceptional activators, this cream is perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It revives glow and provides comfort when you aw..
Brand: Valcena
Beautiful and sophisticated Luxury Gift Box Valcena Paris in lovely Vintage Rose print, ideal even for the most special occasion. Please note! We do not sell the gift boxes separately. They can only be ordered as a part of a custom gift set - the box plus selected products of our Val..
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