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Brand: Valcena
Combining the power of a serum with the protection of a moisturiser, Lift Action Cream Serum is your Number 1 anti-ageing ally. Its ultra-fine formula is enriched with peptides that mimic the effects of Botox, as well as Rose Damascena oil known for its anti-ageing action and a UV filter. The skin a..
Brand: Valcena
A dual acting partner that combines the benefits of a moisturising serum and a preventative cream in one expert formula. Hydractive Cream-Serum helps fight against the free radicals that are primarily responsible for skin ageing. It contains Co-enzyme Q10, as well as Hyaluronic acid for its plumping..
Multi active Moisturising Day cream Valcena Paris with Rose oil
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Brand: Valcena
A powerful multi-tasking ally for the skin, Multi Active Moisturising Day cream Valcena is enriched with a complex of botanical oils (Rosa Damascena + Ricin + Olive) as well as Vitamins and UV filter. This melting emulsion blends into skin imperceptibly. With a delicate fragrance, this moisturising ..
Brand: Biofresh
Active Protection Face Serum SPF 20 Rose Oil of Bulgaria with Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil, Edelweiss extract, Yoghurt Probiotic, UVA & UVB Filter A comprehensive concept for combating skin photo-ageing. The balanced formula..
Snail Gold Sun Protection Anti-Aging Cream SPF 50 - Detox Formula. * Snails are Not harmed in the process of production - only their secretion is used and they are treated with great care. Active ingredients: 100% Pure Snail secretion extract, Argan oil, Chamomile extract, Allantoin, ..
Jojoba oil 100% Natural 10 ml
-30 %
Brand: Rivana
Pure Jojoba oil 10 ml. 100% Natural product without preservatives and fragrances.  Ingredients: Jojoba oil It consists mainly of higher fatty acids, linked to higher alcohols. It has a natural sun protective factor. Suitable for massage of the face and body, as it absorbs very well in dept..
£2.73 £3.90
Brand: Biofresh
Lip Balm Stick Royal Rose with Bulgarian Rose oil and Argan oil Active ingredients: 100% Pure Rose oil, Argan oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E, UV Filter This lip balm prevents your lips from cracking and other injuries during all seasons. It hydrates and provid..
White Rose Q10 Anti-age Day cream
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An exclusive Day face cream of incredible consistency that reduces and smoothes the first wrinkles and prevents from the appearance of new ones. The Caviar extract is an incredible anti-age agent, which contains nourishing and regenerating components and repairs the skin at cell level. The Caviar p..
£8.75 £12.50
Brand: Biofresh
Probiotic Face cream Yoghurt of Bulgaria for sensitive skin with Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil & Yoghurt Active ingredients: Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil, Probiotic from Bulgarian Yoghurt, UV Filter The face cream combines light and delicate texture with extremely effective ingred..
Lip balm Yoghurt of Bulgaria with Organic Rose oil
Hot -50 %
Brand: Biofresh
Lip Balm Yoghurt of Bulgaria for sensitive skin with Organic Bulgarian Rose oil, Beeswax & Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Organic Bulgarian Rose oil, Beeswax, Probiotic from Bulgarian Yoghurt, Vitamin E, Shea tree oil, UV Filter This lip balm prevents the lips from cr..
£2.00 £4.00
Hydrating face cream Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Caviar complex. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose Water, Caviar complex, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, UV Filter. A mild formula, specially developed to hydrate the skin and to protect it from the harmful effects of the..
Brand: Biofresh
Anti Pigment Bio Serum Rose Oil of Bulgaria with Organic Bulgarian Rose oil. 100% Organic Bio product, suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Active ingredients: Bulgarian Rose oil, Papaya, White Clay, Pine bark extracts. A revolutionary Rose oil Bio Serum, providing deep correction of all signs..
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