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Snail Products

Snail Products

Explore our unique Collection of Snail extract Products

Snails are Not harmed in the process of production - only their secretion is used and they are treated with great care.

Benefits of the Snail mucin for the skin:

  • - Its main benefit for skin is as a hydrating ingredient - prevents dryness and makes the skin look dewy and moist
  • - Seals in moisture and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin
  • - Skin looks extra supple and glowy
  • - Improves skin texture and quality
  • - Helps the skin to heal - enhances wound healing
  • - Has anti-aging potential - it is rich in Hyaluronic acid, and shows antioxidant properties, stimulates Collagen production
  • - Clinical studies have shown that skin-care products containing snail extract give improvements in facial lines and wrinkles

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