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Brand: Valcena
The Cleansing Foam Freshness softly cleanses normal to oily skin as a gentle cloud of purity. Skin is clear, fresh and delicately perfumed. Suitable for combination and oily type of skin. Benefits: Its texture is both light and creamy and provides an invigorating sensation. A hydrolate complex of..
Micellar Rose water Argan and Rose oil
-50 %
Brand: Ventoni
Micellar Rose water Argan & Rose oil, 150 ml. with a spray. The Rose water delicately cleanses and removes makeup from the face and eyes. It sooths and refreshes. Leaves pleasant Rose fragrance. Suitable for all types of skin...
£4.45 £8.90
Micellar water with Bulgarian Rose oil, with lovely rose fragrance. Active ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, Glycerin, Aloe extract. Micellar water cleanses quickly and effectively any make-up and impurities from the face and the delicate eye contour area. It refreshes the skin and has a p..
Micellar water Lavender & Honey with Lavender extract & Honey extract. Active ingredients: Lavender extract, Honey extract, Hydroxy urea. An excellent cleansing care for efficient and quick removal of makeup and impurities from the face and eye contour area. Natural active ingredients i..
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