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“Rivana” Ltd is a manufacturer of essential and vegetable oils. It has implemented a HACCP system of quality checks. They are working with advanced manufacturing and process diagrams, compliant with the European legislation to ensure high quality. The products of “Rivana” Ltd have a quality certificate from a licensed laboratory. The company has many partners from Europe, specialising in production of aromatic products and cosmetics. Their products are designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers who enjoy aromatherapy.

Natural essential oils have a strong healing value and a unique ability to balance and heal the body, mind and spirit. Their sweet energy has a powerful transformative effect on all three levels of existence. Body, mind and spirit are the three interconnected components of any person. If one of these three levels is not in harmony, the other two will suffer. Essential oils maintain these three levels in perfect balance. “Rivana” Ltd offers a range of 100% pure essential oils, which can achieve the desired therapeutic effect. All oils contain the “vital energy” of the plants, from which they are derived.

Let the essential oils become part of your life. Use them to achieve balance between body, mind and spirit!

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