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"Damascena" Ltd is the first private distillery in Bulgaria. It was created in 1991 and today is one of the most famous companies in this area. The company makes essential oils and the quality of its products is guaranteed and recognised worldwide.

"Damascena" export their products in many countries from the EU, the USA and Japan. The company is a member of the Bulgarian National Association of Essential oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics (BNAEOPC) since the organisation was established.

Some of the well-known products of "Damascena" are: Rose oil, Rose water and Lavender oil. The company grows its own crops in large fields and gardens, where professionals develop and ensure the quality of all products. The process of extracting the essential oils is certified by ISO.

In addition, "Damascena" recently opened an Ethnographic complex. A cozy place made in a typical Bulgarian style, which offers a close view to the traditional process of rose oil production. Everyone is invited to see the exposition in the museum and to try the essential oils. The time spent in the garden is a refreshing and unforgettable experience.


How did they come up with the idea of the Ethnographic complex?

Many people who visited the Rose distillery wanted to watch the Rose oil production, which is something unique for Bulgaria, and to learn some interesting facts about Rosa Damascena and the Rose oil. "Damascena" had all this knowledge and decided to share it, as most of the sources were only for professionals.

They built up an old distillery, called "Gulapana", which is arranged the same way as our ancestors made installations for Rose oil extraction more than 340 years ago. The visitors of the complex can watch a demonstration of the Rose oil production throughout the active season and they will feel the spirit of this old tradition.

The guests can also see the modern working distillery, near the old one. The new installation also works on the basis of the water-steam distillation method, but is built of larger and automated facilities. Rose water is also produced here, together with the Rose oil. Rose water is produced at the end of the rose picking season, when the quantity of rose blossoms decreases.

When the visitors finish with their tour in the rose garden, they can also taste traditional Rose rakia (brandy) and traditional Bulgarian dishes in the restaurant, which also offers a magnificent view of the mountains

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