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Diamond Rose

Diamond Rose

It is time to shine! Introducing Diamond Rose with Rosa Alba extract and Diamond Powder.

Diаomond Rose is the cosmetic line which combines some of the most luxurious and beneficial for the skin ingredients. Nothing symbolises luxury and perfection better than Diamonds. Here is the first and unique beauty collection with Diamond extract.

Diamonds are considered the most precious gems. They are widely recognised for their exceptional and wondrous therapeutic properties. According to Alternative medicine Diamonds are famous for strengthening all the energy centres of human body. In Ancient times Diamonds were considered the gems of Venus, the Roman goddess who is an embodiment of beauty, love and fertility. Today Diamonds symbolise purity and perfection.

A unique combination of ingredients, which interlace pure luxury of Diamonds with innocence and tenderness of the gentle Rosa Alba:

       - ROSA ALBA ROSE OIL – this natural toner restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin and assists in neutralising the damaging free radicals.
       - ROSA ALBA ROSE WATER – 100% pure distilled rose water obtained from fresh Rosa Alba blossoms. Characterised by a delicate floral scent as well as moisturising, regenerative  and toning properties.
       - BLACK CAVIAR EXTRACT - rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, proteins and Vitamins D, B2 and B12. It has a nourishing, anti-inflammatory and energising action.
       - DIAMOND POWDER - it acts as a mild exfoliator, brightens up dull skin, forms a protective barrier against heat and gives shine.

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