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Arsy Cosmetics

Arsy Cosmetics

Arsy Cosmetics is an innovative Bulgarian company, producer of Rose oil cosmetics. Their success is mostly due to their ability to find a market niche and to create unique, outstanding products, which can be easily distinguished among other Rose oil cosmetic products. They offer four lovely cosmetic lines, each representing a part of the Bulgarian natural fortune:

  • White Rose - with Essential oil from Rosa Alba (white rose) and Black Caviar. The white rose has an exquisite, very subtle and gentle fragrance and the White rose oil is a miracle for the skin, being even more expensive than the Damask rose oil.
  • Natural Rose is the classic cosmetic series by Arsy Cosmetics with Rose petals extract from the Damask Rose, the Queen of flowers.

  • Bio Argan oil - with Rose extract and Bio Argan oil. Arsy cosmetics are among the first to discover the divine combination of the Rose extract & Argan oil. The Rose extract has a magnificent fragrance and multiple beneficial effects for the skin, but it is very delicate, gentle, not quite oily and nourishing on its own. The Argan oil on the other hand, doesn't have a fragrance, but it is very oily, rich and nourishing for the skin. That is why the combination of both makes the perfect marriage of a remarkable fragrance and extremely positive cosmetic effect.
  • Bulgarian Yoghurt - with Bulgarian yoghurt and Wild Rose extract (rose hip). The yoghurt is the second Bulgarian natural elixir, after the Rose oil. It supplies the skin cells with oxygen, regenerates them, soothes irritated and burnt skin, has a very strong anti-age effect.

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