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Alba Group

Alba Group

Alba Group Ltd is a leading company in the production of Essential Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and other Essential oil products. Their production is well-known on the local and global market. Alba Group Ltd  is a result of many years of research and development of first-class Essential oils and Rose plants.


Their products are a unique combination between Bulgarian rose growing tradition and the best international practices.


They perform strict quality control during manufacturing and packing of their Rose oil and the whole range of essential oils they produce. Additionally, they perform on-site inspections of the Rose plants and subject new facilities and technologies to improve the production quality.


In order to guarantee the quality of their products they work in close collaboration with specialised independent laboratories to validate and certify their products. This certification guarantees the quality of the products.


Tradition, style and quality  are the general elements of their philosophy. 

They achieve these through:

  • direct care and responsibility for the Rose plants;
  • ability to control the quality of the raw material and the final product;
  • careful selection of the best Rose oil flowers;
  • permanent company development and research;


Alba Group Ltd is a certified Essential oil producer. Their Essential oils are used for natural perfumes, homeopathic medicines, body care products and more. The essential oils and waters are made from the finest Organic flowers. All phases of their production process, including distillation, packaging and shipping, are done according to strict EU guidelines. Their Rose essential oil meets all the standards for pure and natural Rose oil.


When buying essential oils from Alba Group Ltd you get a superior product at an excellent price.

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