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Rosey’s Mark leads to a place half virtual, half real. It exists because of a rose, but not just any rose.

Rosa damascena or Bulgarian Damask rose is a rare flower with extraordinary qualities. Although it grows in limited territories, its importance is immense. Its essence and the extracted oil have been used for centuries as a base element in cosmetics, perfumery and pharmaceutical industries world-wide. And the ones seeking for the best quality ingredient for their product are heading every summer to the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.

The Rose oil and the essence are, however, just the top of the iceberg. This specific type of rose has so many different applications and exploring them becomes an exiting and extraordinary journey.

That’s what Rosey’s Mark is all about. They are here to give you a vibrant and carefully assembled ‘bouquet of roses’ which lets you experience the flowers like never before: wear them, smell, touch, contemplate, gift them, even eat and drink them!

Welcome to Rosey’s mark.

A world to discover. A world to make yours.

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