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Rose Original

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Meet Rose Original - the cosmetic line, which sponsors the fight against cancer.

Rose Original is the new Rose cosmetic line: upgraded, enriched and improved.

It now has the following advantages:

1. For stronger and better effect the Natural Rose water content has been increased in all the products in the series. Natural Rose water hydrates, tones and soothes the skin.

2. Bulgarian rose oil has been added in the Perfumes, which gives them more luxurious aroma and ranks them amongst the best names in the fine perfumery.

3. No parabensParabens are not used in any of the cosmetic formulas. Parabens are chemical substances, used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry. Their use has become very controversial as some studies have linked them to health risks. Though still permitted for cosmetic use, the market has rejected their use.

4. New modern packaging and contemporary design.

5. With its improved cosmetic series Rose Original, Bulgarian Rose Plc shows its empathy to women with breast cancer. On the labels/boxes of all products for series Rose Original there is the “pink ribbon” symbol, which means that a part of the sales of the series will be donated for the fight against breast cancer.

3. The Rose Original series has a number of new products, which are a great addition and perfectly compliment the rest.

- Hair conditioner – for healthy, smooth, silky and shiny hair. A perfect solution for hair care after using the shampoo.

- Body butter – rich formula of nourishing and moisturising ingredients, but also pleasant and light to the touch, with a sophisticated and long-lasting aroma. Lovely finish after a shower or a bath.

- Shower creamdelicately gentle to the skin, creating rich creamy foam, giving a feeling of velvety softness and refreshing scent. 2 in 1 product for better comfort; convenient and practical in our busy lives.

Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, D-Panthenol, Vitamins A+E, Aloe extract, Q10.

The Rose oil and the Rose water are natural products obtained through the distillation of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose ROSA DAMASCENA MILL, also called the "Queen" of the flowers. They contain over 300 precious substances, which have a wondrous effect on the human organism, thus turning them into an irreplaceable elixir for cosmetic products.

Having a strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, toning and hydrating effect, they are the perfect means for cleansing, hydrating, smoothing of the skin; for keeping the water balance in the cells; for the regeneration of damaged and ageing tissues; and for the delay of the cells' ageing.

With its tender, pleasant and unique fragrance, the rose oil has a powerful aromatherapeutic influence on the human organism - it chases the stress away and is strong antidepressant and aphrodisiac.

Rose Parfum - Luxury Gift Box with Rose Parfum, Body Lotion & Body Scrub
New -10 %
Brand: Damascena
A Luxury Gift Box in gorgeous Rose Gold colour, full of beautifully fragrant treats that will pamper your body and make you feel like a queen. Size of the box: L 33.0 cm x W 25.0 cm x H 11.0 cm The Gift Box contains the following products: 1.Parfum Rose Original 30 ml. - magical and enchanting ..
£42.03 £46.70
Lip balm stick Rose Original with Rose concrete (Rose oil & Beeswax). It softens and protects the lips from the harmful effects of the environment. The enriched formula with Rose concrete, Cocoa oil, Sunflower oil,  Vitamin E and Beeswax has a beneficial effect in revitalising dri..
The Natural Rose Water is obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing “Rosa Damascena Mill” through distillation. It is a pure elixir for the human skin. Producer: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo, Bulgaria. Size: 100 ml with a Spray Beneficial Effects: Has an anti-inf..
Hair Conditioner Rose Original, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Rose water. Active ingredients: Bulgarian Rose oil, Natural Rose Water, Jojoba oil, Arnica extract. Hair conditioner with rich formula and fresh aroma of roses. The combination of active ingredients keeps the hair healthy and elasti..
Shower cream Rose Original
Hot -20 %
A fragrant and gentle shower cream with Bulgarian Rose oil. Active ingredients: Natural rose water, Bulgarian Rose oil, Jojoba oil, Echinacea extract, Vitamin E and D-panthenol. Soft shower cream, gentle to the skin, with rich foam and aroma of the Rose Valley. Contains natural oils and extracts of ..
£5.44 £6.80
Body butter Rose Original, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Rose water. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose Water, Cocoa butter, Moringa oil, Castor oil, Sunflower extract, D-Panthenol. Body butter with natural vegetable oils, which nourish the skin and act as a protective barrier. The combination..
Micellar water with Bulgarian Rose oil, with lovely rose fragrance. Active ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, Glycerin, Aloe extract. Micellar water cleanses quickly and effectively any make-up and impurities from the face and the delicate eye contour area. It refreshes the skin and has a pl..
Glycerin soap with Natural rose water and sponge. The perfect combination for maximum comfort. It cleans the skin without drying it. Leaves pleasant and fresh aroma of Bulgarian Rose...
The Natural Rose Water is obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing “Rosa Damascena Mill” through distillation. It is a pure elixir for the human skin. Producer: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo, Bulgaria. Size: 100 ml Beneficial Effects: Has an anti-inflammatory,&nb..
Roll-on parfum with amazing Rose fragrance. Feel the majestic scent of the "Queen of flowers", the Damask Rose. This perfume has a very natural, classic Old Rose aroma. Contains Rose oil. Does not contain alcohol. * Please note that this product is not available for International delivery...
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