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Rose Joghurt

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Cosmetic series ROSE JOGHURT, created in the laboratories of Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo is an innovative approach to maintain the health, beauty and youth of the skin. The Cosmetic series contains two unique natural elixirs in the world: Bulgarian rose oil and Bulgarian yoghurt.

The healthy impact of dairy products had been known to many ancient cultures. Thracians who inhabited the lands of modern Bulgaria 7000 years ago had obtained yoghurt through lactic acid fermentation of milk. They used it to keep their body healthy, young and energetic. "Yoghurt" is a Thracian word which means "yoghu" - hard, though and "rt" - milk. The bacterium - Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which causes fermentation, has been isolated only in Bulgaria and was named after a specific nation and geographical area. Nowadays, the yoghurt is recognized as the most powerful and the oldest probiotic in the world. It has an amazingly beneficial effect on human health.

Milk is one of the most nutritious foods for human body. Milk proteins are absolutely necessary for the construction and maintenance of the connective tissue in human body. They are a very good conditioner for the skin by forming a thin film on it.

The whole series has been developed with the participation of two active ingredients of the American company "Active Concepts":

- Yoghurt powder - rich in peptides and amino acids, improves the cell metabolism of skin

- AC Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor - a ferment synthesized from stimulated live cells of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and isolated from them by a high-tech processes. Obtained in this manner, the product acts as a PROBIOTIC - it increases oxygen consumption of skin cells, increases energy reserves and plays an active role in the fight against ageing.

Rose oil and Rose water are natural products obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing rose /ROSA DAMASCENA MILL/. Natural Rose oil has a good aromatherapeutic, refreshing and preventive effect against wrinkles.

Natural Rose water refreshes, invigorates, improves skin elasticity and keeps its water balance. It stimulates regenerative processes in injured and ageing tissues.

The Cosmetic products from series ROSE JOGHURT successfully compensate the increasing with age collagen deficit and help to keep fresh and youthful looking skin for a long time. They effectively prevent skin ageing.

Cosmetic series ROSE JOGHURT provides a complete and complex skin care for face, body and hair.

Cream soap with Rose water and Yoghurt. It is specially created for daily care of the face and the body. The soap gently cleanses, soothes and softens the skin. Gives a sensation of purity. The cream, included in the ingredients, prevents from dehydration. The Rose water has antibacterial and anti-i..
Body butter Rose Joghurt
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Extremely rich and Nourishing Body butter with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Yoghurt extract, Apricot kernels oil, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Vitamin A end E. Body butter with a rich composi..
Shower gel with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Yoghurt extract, Olive oil. Shower gel for delicate cleansing and refreshing of the body. Its formula, enriched with Rose oil, Yoghurt and Olive oil, protects an..
Hair conditioner with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Yoghurt extract, Argan oil, Collagen, Brown seaweeds extract, Crambisol. Hair conditioner for very damaged and dry hair that needs intensive..
Hair shampoo with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Yoghurt extract, Hygroplex HHG, Soya proteins. Energising shampoo suitable for all hair types and for everyday use. It contains a complex of act..
Hand cream with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Natural Rose water, Yoghurt, Argan oil, Squalene and Lactil. An irreplaceable skin care. The complex of active ingredients nourishes, hydrates, smoothes and regenerates..
Rejuvenating face cream, containing Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Natural Rose water, Yoghurt, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Squalene, Macadamia oil, Pentavitin and UV filter. A unique formula with the participation of extremely effective active ingredients ..
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