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Reward Points Program

Find out how you can benefit from our REWARD POINTS PROGRAM if you have an account, or register and join the program now.

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FREE GIFT for orders over £50. FREE UK delivery for orders over £40, up to 2 kg. and secure International Delivery.

Welcome to our Reward Points Program

Why did we create the Program?

We wanted to say HUGE Thank you to all our amazing customers who supported us over the years. We are also deeply grateful to all of you who stayed with us during and after the lockdown and made it possible for our dream to continue despite the hardships. We'd like to give you something back as a token of appreciation. This program is specially created to reward our most Loyal customers.

Who can take part?

Everyone who is Land of Roses' customer can collect points! The only condition is that you should have a registered account on our website. Unfortunately we will not be able to assign points to customers who are not registered and order as guests or place orders over the phone. The good news is that you create an account now and we will give you the points for previous orders, received after the 1st of April 2020, even if you placed these orders as a guest. If that is the case with you, please email us on: as soon as you register your account because reward points for past orders won't be assigned automatically and we need to do this manually for you.

The Reward points program does not apply for orders placed on our old website until the 31st of March 2020. This feature did not work on our old platform, which was one of the main reasons for us to launch our new website.

Reward points for registered customers who ordered in the period 1 April - 8 August 2020 were manually assigned by us. For customers who placed orders after 8 August 2020 and will order in the future, Reward points will be automatically assigned to their account depending on the amount of the order.

Is it Valid for customers who visit your shop?

Yes - anyone is welcome! If you are not into online shopping and prefer to visit our beautiful shop instead, you can also collect points. All you need to do is create an account online and tell us your name every time you buy products offline. We will add your points immediately after the purchase.

Not only this, but you can also spend your points in the shop. Just give us your account details and we will check your balance. Then you can use the points to receive discounts or products for free in our shop.

How does it work?

All you need to do is place an order for your favourite products. Each item will give you reward points and their number is defined by the price of the product. 

  1. You can see the points each product gives when you open its product page - they are right next to the price
  2. If a product is discounted on the website, its points will be equally reduced
  3. The Shipping cost does not add points to your order
  4. When you go to your Shopping bag you will see the total number of points, if you are buying more than one from a certain product
  5. When your order is Shipped, your points will be automatically assigned to your account
  6. When you login to your account, you will be able to see the total number of points you have collected in the section "Your Reward Points". It will also show you how many you have earned from each order

Are there any Bonus points?

Yes! There are plenty. When you collect points, you can either spend them quickly, or you can patiently wait for them to pile up. The more you collect, the bigger Bonus we will give you:

  1. if you collect over 100 - we will give you 10 Bonus points;
  2. if you collect over 200 - we will give you 20 Bonus points;
  3. if you collect over 300 - we will give you 30 Bonus points;
  4. if you collect over 400 - we will give you 40 Bonus points;
  5. if you collect over 500 - we will give you 50 Bonus points;

* Only points collected via orders will qualify (excluding the Bonus points) - for example if you collect 300 points, but 30 of them were given to you as  bonus, you still won't qualify for the reward over 300 points.

Will there be any way to collect points faster?

Of course! That is the best part of our program!

  1. Keep an Eye on our FEATURED PRODUCTS Section

Every month there will be 10 products in our Featured Category. If you order any of these products, it will give you twice the amount of points that are normally received for this item. You will have this chance only for a limited period of time.

View current Featured Products

  1. Every month we will have a STAR PRODUCT

This product will be very special, because not only will it give you twice the amount of its own points, but it will double the points of your whole order. This means if you are planning on buying more items at a time, it is definitely worth adding this item to your Shopping bag because you will get many more points at once.

View our current Star Product

  1. On some occasions we will give you a several day window when every order will get up to 50% more points than usual.

This way you can choose any products you wish and even if they are not part of our selection, your Reward points will still be multiplied. We will announce those days on our newsletter and send it to all subscribers.

  1. A great way to multiply your points is to leave a Product Review. Several days after your order is delivered, we will send you an email with a gentle reminder to leave a Review for the products you ordered. For every product you rate and review, we will give you 50% bonus points.

It is highly recommended to subscribe to our newsletter and be among the first to know when we select the new Featured and Star products for the month. Joining our mailing list will also ensure that you never miss those special days when you will get more points for your order.

How can I use my Reward points?

Each product has a price in Reward points, which you can see on its product page, right underneath the price in pounds (£). This is the number of points you need to collect in order to get this product for free. However, even if you do not have enough points for a particular product, you can still apply your points and get a discount off the price.

The price in Reward points is also defined by the normal price of the products

  1. Products in our SALE Category are discounted and will have a lower price in Reward points to reflect this discount
  2. 100% Pure Rose oils of sizes 0.5 - 1.2 gr. will have a higher price in Reward points compared to products with similar cost, because they are already discounted on our website
  3. 100% Pure Rose oils of sizes 3.0 - 50.0 gr. cannot be bought with Reward points

Reward points can be replaced for a discount on your order at checkout. You can even get a whole product or several of them for free, as long as you have enough points. All you need to do is select the option "Use reward points" at your Shopping bag and enter the amount of points you'd like to apply to your order. You don't have to use all of your available points, but may choose to collect them instead and be awarded our bonuses.

  1. Check out our PRODUCTS OF THE MONTH Category

Every month we will select 10 products of the Month and we will reduce their price in Reward points by 50%. You will only need half the amount of points these products normally cost to get them for free. This offer will also be valid only for a limited period of time.

Will I get a Gift for placing an order worth more points?

Absolutely! There will be a Free Gift for every order worth more than £50. You will receive one of our amazing products as a Free gift for each of the following:

  1. for a single order over £50 up to £99
  2. for a single order over £100 up to £199
  3. for a single order over £200 points
You can see the Free Gifts of the current month in our FREE GIFTS Category

Check this page regularly because we will add more ways you can benefit from the Program and earn Bonus points.