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Products of the Month

Every month there will be 10 products featured in this CategoryWe will reduce their price in Reward points by 50%. You will only need half the amount of points these products normally cost to get them for FREE. This offer will be valid only for a limited period of time. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to save on your Reward points!

Clean Guard Hand Hygiene Gel Sanitizer 70% alcohol with Mint & Lemon 250 ml
Product of the Month New -50 %
Clean Guard Hand Hygiene Gel Sanitizer has a deep cleansing effect and does not require rinsing. Excellent product for hand hygiene, suitable for using at work, home and when travelling. It has added Mint and Lemon extracts as natural antimicrobial agents that help keep hands clean. Size: 250 m..
£3.95 £7.90
Anti-age Cream Rose of Bulgaria for Men
Product of the Month -15 %
Brand: Biofresh
Anti-Age control Cream for Men Rose of Bulgaria with Natural Bulgarian Rose water and Macadamia oil Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Water, Green tea extract, Macadamia oil, Bio Peptide-CL, Vitamin E The cream has stimulating, moisturising and rejuvenating effect, prevents the signs of s..
£6.38 £7.50
Handmade Marigold & Geranium Candles with Natural Concretes
Product of the Month
Handmade Marigold & Geranium candles with Natural concretes. Shape and size: orange and green colour, 100 gr. each. Come with jars, in a beautiful box. Decorated with foam marigold and geranium flowers. Beautiful handmade candles with Natural Marigold & Geranium concretes. The candles h..
Travel gift set Rose Oil of Bulgaria for Men - After shave Cream, Nourishing Soap & Shower gel
Product of the Month -15 %
Brand: Biofresh
Beautiful Gift set with 3 products, containing Bulgarian Rose oil. The Gift set includes: 1.Soothing after shave cream gel Rose oil of Bulgaria with Rose oil 30ml. 2.Natural nourishing soap for men Rose oil of Bulgaria with Rose oil 50 gr. 3.Energizing Shower gel Rose oil of Bulg..
£8.33 £9.80
Handmade glycerin soap with Organic Rose oil 70 gr.
Product of the Month
Brand: Alba Group
Handmade glycerin soap Alba with Organic Rose oil. Shape and size: light pink colour, rose flower shape, 70 gr., in a box. This gentle soap cleanses, softens, smoothes and soothes the skin, without drying it. Beautiful fragrance of Rose oil. Perfect for a special little gift.&nbs..
Anti stress - composition of essential oils 100% natural
Product of the Month -50 %
Brand: Rivana
Anti Stress - 100% Natural composition of essential oils in 10ml glass bottle. Ingredients: 100% pure essential oils - Bergamot oil, Grapefruit oil, Ylang-Ylang oil, Sage oil The composition “Anti Stress” is designed to counteract stress, nervous tension, anxiety..
£3.90 £7.80
Bio Argan oil Micellar Cleansing water 150 ml
Product of the Month -50 %
The Micellar water gently cleanses the facial skin and the delicate eye area, absorbs excess sebum, removes makeup and daily skin impurities. It contains micelles - special small spheres found in aqueous media and having the ability to deeply cleanse, hydrate and soften the skin. A delicate formula ..
£3.65 £7.30
Exfoliating Shower gel Rose Berry Nature
Product of the Month -30 %
Exfoliating Shower gel Rose Berry Nature, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Goji berry. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose Water, Goji berry extract, Orange extract, D-Panthenol. Exfoliating Shower gel, suitable for all skin types. It is designed to cleanse the skin in depth and to remove dead ski..
£5.04 £7.20
Natural Rose drink Rose of Bulgaria
Product of the Month -30 %
Brand: Biofresh
Gentle and delicate soft drink with Natural Bulgarian Rose water. No added colours, preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Pasteurized. For direct human consumption. The Natural Rose water is produced through distillation of the petals of Rosa Damascena. It improves bowel movement, energises ..
£2.31 £3.30
Parfum Roll-on LJ Melody
Product of the Month
Bouquet of Rose, Orchid, Exotic fruits, Neroli and Ambra. Feminine and elegant combination of fruity and flowery notes. Cute little roll-on perfume, ideal for any handbag. Contains Natural Bulgarian Rose oil. Does not contain alcohol. * Please note that this product is not available for Interna..
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