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Skin Whitening Serum Maxx BeAdora with Resurrection flower
New -50 %
Brand: BeAdora
Skin Whitening Serum Maxx by BeAdora Bright Pearl is a Luxurious serum combining the immortal Resurrection flower extract with the most state-of-the-art ingredients used in the fight against skin ageing and pigmentation. !Please note: this product expires in 06.2022 and it will be good to use for a..
£20.75 £41.50
Moisturizing Gel Concentrate Beadora with Rose oil & White Truffle essence
New -30 %
Brand: BeAdora
Moisturizing Gel concentrate by BeAdora Bright Rose is a Luxurious ultra hydrating serum combining Bulgarian Rose Oil with the latest innovative ingredients used in the fight against skin ageing. BeAdora Bright Rose Moisturizing gel concentrate is an active formula that intensely hydrates and retai..
£29.05 £41.50
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