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Handmade Rose & Lavender Candles with Natural Concretes


Handmade Rose & Lavender candles with Natural concretes.

Shape and size: pink and purple colour, 100 gr. each. Come with jars, in a beautiful box. Contain dried rose buds & dried lavender flower.

Beautiful handmade candles with Natural Rose & Lavender concretes. The candles have to burn for up to 3 hours, then off for 30 minutes and can be lit again. Can be repeated until their complete burnout. Each candle burns out for approximately 10 hours. The Rose scent has a refreshing, uplifting, invigorating effect, it is a strong anti-depressant. Lavender has calming, relaxing, soothing effect, helps for insomnia. The perfect gift.

How to use

The candles have to burn for up to 3 hours, then off for 30 minutes and can be lit again. Can be repeated until their complete burnout.

Each candle burns for approximately 10 hours.

Place the candles in a suitable non-flammable plate or tray.

Store in dry places, away from sources of direct heat and light.

Never leave a burning candle unattended! Keep the burning candle away from children and pets!

Always leave at least 20cm distance between burning candles.

Do not leave a burning candle on or close to anything that can catch fire!

Active ingredients
  • Natural Rose Concrete
  • Natural Lavender Concrete
  • Parfum
  • Paraffin
  • Dried Rose buds
  • Dried Lavender flower

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Handmade Rose & Lavender Candles with Natural Concretes
100 gr. each In stock

Beautiful scented candles with Natural Rose & Lavender Concretes. Rose aroma with uplifting, invigorating effect and calming, relaxing Lavender.

  • Natural product
  • Contains 100% pure Bulgarian Rose oil
  • Beautiful Rose scent
  • Luxury package
  • Parabens FREE
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Does not contain ingredients with animal origin
  • Makes the perfect gift
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