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Hair Shampoo Rose Damascena with Rose oil and Keratin
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Brand: Damascena
Hair Shampoo Rose Damascena with Bulgarian Rose Oil and Keratin. Active ingredients: Bulgarian Rose Oil, Natural Rose water, Keratin, Natural foaming complex, Rose Geranium oil. Extremely mild, natural shampoo with thick, luxurious foam and elegant aroma of Bulgarian Rose oil. Provides g..
Shampoo Bulgarian Rose for Men with Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil, Natural Rose water, Bamboo extract, Prebiotic, Caffeine, Green tea extract. Shampoo for daily use, specially designed for men. Energises and strengthens hair roots, stimulates hair..
Revitalising hair Shampoo Bulgarian Rose Signature Spa, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Caviar complex. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Caviar complex, Concentrate of Seawater, Vitamin PP. Mild shampoo for gentle cleansing and nourishing of the hair. It contains Caviar complex, which ..
Hair shampoo with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Yoghurt extract, Hygroplex HHG, Soya proteins. Energising shampoo suitable for all hair types and for everyday use. It contains a complex of act..
A fragrant hair shampoo with Bulgarian Rose oil. Active ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil and D-panthenol. Tender care and freshness for your body and hair with pleasant aroma of rose. Enriched with D-panthenol, it nourishes and moisturises the hair, endues softness and brilliance. The sham..
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