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Brand: Alba Group
This fluid Lotion is in a compact size of 100 ml, which is very suitable for the handbag, the car or while visiting the shops. It can be carried anywhere and is super easy to use due to the handy spray pump. It can disinfect not only your hands or the surfaces..
Super Rich Nourishing Face Cream by Naturel cosmetics. Organic, handmade product with Bulgarian Rose oil, Natural Rose water, Organic Carrot seed oil, Bio Calendula extract + 8 Nourishing oils.This exceptionally pure, nourishing and filled to the brim with raw ingredients face cream moistu..
100% Natural Anti-Ageing Serum by Naturel cosmetics. Organic, handmade product with Bulgarian Rose oil, Calendula extract, Hyaluronic acid + rich complex of natural oils and rejuvenating ingredients.Rejuvenating, highly moisturising, nourishing, glowing, soothing, regulating and balancing, all ..
Snail Gold Cleansing Micellar Water with Snail extract, 200 ml. with a spray. * Snails are Not harmed in the process of production - only their secretion is used and they are treated with great care. Active ingredients: Aqua, 100% Pure Snail secretion extract, Glycerin, Hydrogena..
Brand: Damascena
Bath salts with Bulgarian Rose oil and Rose absolute. 100% Natural, with beautiful Rose aroma. Producer: Damascena, Scobelevo Size: 250 gr. 100% Natural product without preservatives and artificial fragrances, good for all skin types. The combination of rich mineral salts with magnesium salt, pure B..
Rose & Saffron Night cream serum with Bio Bulgarian Rose oil, Argan oil and Saffron extract. An intensive anti-ageing cream with relaxing active ingredients for a specific night time effect and visibly relaxed face in the morning. It contains a lifting complex and natural active ingred..
A cocktail of 6 valuable vegetable & flower oils: Bio Argan oil Bio Rose oil Grape seed oil Hazelnut oil Sweet almond oil Apricot oil It nourishes the skin and helps smooth the fine wrinkles, restores its elasticity, strength and shine. The Hazelnut oil and Sweet almond oil ensure softness and..
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