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Skin Elixir BeAdora with Mastic oil, Chamomile extract & Retinol
Featured New -15 %
Brand: BeAdora
Skin Elixir by BeAdora is a Luxurious face Serum with high concentration of the precious Mastic oil and the most cutting-edge ingredients used in the fight against skin ageing. The soothing Skin Elixir gifts the skin with a completely new feeling. Specially created with an exceptionally soft cu..
£35.28 £41.50
Bulgarian rose for men Eau de toilette 100ml.
Featured New
Natural Eau de Toilette  spray. It has a mysterious, sophisiticated and unbelievably fresh aroma. It combines base hints of citrus  and spices, followed by the hint of Bergamont and Cardamon. Its aroma is a symbol of masculinity. It contains Rose water and Rose Dam..
Anti-Ageing face Serum Naturel with Rose oil and Calendula extract 100% Natural
Featured -50 %
100% Natural Anti-Ageing Serum by Naturel cosmetics. Organic, handmade product with Bulgarian Rose oil, Calendula extract, Hyaluronic acid + rich complex of natural oils and rejuvenating ingredients.Rejuvenating, highly moisturising, nourishing, glowing, soothing, regulating and balancing, all ..
£13.80 £27.60
Premium Snail Anti-ageing Serum 35+ with Snail extract & Q10
Premium Snail Face Serum 35+ with Snail extract & Q10. Anti-ageing Effect. Age group - over 35 years. * Snails are Not harmed in the process of production - only their secretion is used and they are treated with great care. Active ingredients: 100% Pure Snail secretion extract, Coenzym..
Rejuvenating Day cream with Rose oil and Snail extract 95% natural
Featured -50 %
Brand: Damascena
Intensive Day cream that helps cellular renewal and rejuvenation and strengthens the connective tissue, due to its unique natural combination of Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose absolute and 100% Snail extract. The use of this incredibly good combination of pure Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose absolute a..
£14.95 £29.90
Body oil with Rose absolute
Brand: Alba Group
Body oil with Absolute of Rose oil. Active ingredients: Rosa Damascena flower extract, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Apricot kernel oil, Wheat germ oil. Body oil for direct application. This is very high quality, pure, organic oil. It can be used for body massage, as an ingredient for cosmetic m..
Eau de Parfum 50 ml Nataura Diamonds 45+ Reverse time
Featured -20 %
Brand: Biofresh
Seductive femininity, inspirational personality, attractive harmony. Nataura Reverse time Eau de parfum has a subtle and sensual fragrance created for the confident, mature and magnificent woman. The fragrance captures the sunny notes of Yellow Tangerine and Gardenia, passes into a feminine dance of..
£23.92 £29.90
Anti-age face cream Lady's Joy Luxury
Anti-age face cream, containing Organic Bulgarian Rose oil. 100% organic product. Active ingredients: Organic Rose oil, Organic Rose Water, Black Pearl extract, Moringa oil, Babassu oil, Polysaccharides. Light anti-ageing face cream, providing hydration and daily comfort. The combination of natural ..
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