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Bulgarian Rose

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 Bulgarian oil-bearing rose – Rosa Damascena Mill has become the symbol of Bulgaria and gave the world the famous Bulgarian rose oil. History remembers times when its price was close to the price of gold. Since then it was called “the liquid gold”. This “gold” is the basis of the products, offered by Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo.


Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo is the oldest, the most respected, well-established and authoritative producer of Rose oil and cosmetics. They have recently celebrated their 66th anniversary. The company has a very long experience in the extracting of essential oils, which is why their Rose oil and other essential oils are considered to be of the highest quality and possess the finest fragrance. For their products they only use Bulgarian Rose oil, which is their own production. Most of it is exported on the international market, but they always keep the best for themselves and their amazing products.


The company Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo is a successor to decades of tradition in the processing of rose blossoms from the famous Valley of Roses and in the production of natural aromatic products and high quality cosmetic products.


Nowadays it perfects the tradition, and in response to the modern needs of its demanding clients develops new innovative approaches. New assortments, containing various natural ingredients, are constantly added to the well-known cosmetic lines and the products gain trust with their efficiency and 100% safety


The assortment of Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo includes:

  • cosmetic series Lady’s Joy, Rose and Rose Yoghurt with Natural Rose oil, Natural Rose water, own production of the company
  • cosmetic series Lady’s Joy Luxury with Organic Rose oil and Organic Rose water
  • cosmetic series SPA Energy with extract of Black Caviar and Seafood
  • aromatherapy Handmade glycerine soaps
  • aromatherapy Bath salts
  • natural Oils for body massage

and many other diverse products.


 The principles Bulgarian Rose – Karlovo unconditionally follows are:

  • high degree of innovation in the selection of raw materials from leading European companies
  • original formulations, developed in accordance with the European legislation and the latest developments in phytotherapy and aromatherapy
  • strictness and no compromise in clinical testing of products
  • closed production cycle and modern technologies
  • creative attitude to the development of new products, as well as to their quality and design
  • a team of experienced and qualified professionals


A system of quality management has been developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic products. Good Manufacturing Practices /GMP/. These principles are a guarantee for the excellent quality of the products and a prerequisite for the successful business of the company.

The cosmetic products of Bulgarian Rose enjoy high demand both in the domestic and the international market. The production is well-known and distributed in many different countries from four continents.