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Rosa Uniqa Exclusive snail Edition Body Butter spray with Hyaluronic Acid
New -50 %
The ultimate Body butter in a spray  Rosa Uniqa with  Snails secretion extract, Hydrolized silk & Hyaluronic acid. Active ingredients: Snail secretion filtrate, Shea butter,Almond oil, Levant cotton extract, Hydrolyzed silk, Argan oil, Cacao butter,  Hyaluronic acid.An u..
£6.00 £12.00
Snail Gold Family Cream with Snail extract & Argan oil
-50 %
Snail Gold Family cream with Snail extract & Argan oil - Detox Formula. * Snails are Not harmed in the process of production - only their secretion is used and they are treated with great care. Active ingredients: 100% Pure Snail secretion extract, Argan oil, Chamomile extract, ..
£4.25 £8.50
Toning Massage Cream with Rose Wax & Cocoa Butter
-50 %
Toning Massage Cream with Natural Rose Wax & Cocoa Butter. Active ingredients: Natural Rose Wax, Cocoa butter, Marigold Concrete, Vitamin A & E. Toning cream designed for massage of the body. Stimulates the circulation of the blood, improves the skin's elasticity and refreshes th..
£5.35 £10.70
Protective Cream with Natural Marigold Concrete. Active ingredients: Marigold Concrete, Vitamin E, Walnut Oil, Peanut Oil, Soybean Oil. Protective cream for daily care of the hands and massage of the legs. It protects the skin from cold weather and prevents from dehydration, preserves elas..
Nourishing Hand & Body butter 2 in 1 Diamond Rose
-20 %
Brand: Biofresh
Nourishing & Softening Hand & Body butter 2 in 1 Diamond Rose with White Rose oil & Diamond powder. Active ingredients: ROSA ALBA ROSE OIL – this natural toner restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin and assists in neutralising the damaging free radicals. Suitable..
£8.72 £10.90
Body butter Rose Original, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Rose water. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose Water, Cocoa butter, Moringa oil, Castor oil, Sunflower extract, D-Panthenol. Body butter with natural vegetable oils, which nourish the skin and act as a protective barrier. The combination..
Body butter Lavender & Honey, containing Lavender extract & Honey extract. Active ingredients: Natural Lavender water, Lavender extract, Honey extract, Echinacea extract, Cocoa butter, Sesame seed oil, Grape seed oil. Rich in natural plant oils and natural extracts, this Body butter nourishe..
Body butter Rose Berry Nature, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Goji berry. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose Water, Goji berry extract, Ginseng extract, Argan oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil. This body butter is enriched with natural ingredients, which improve the general condition of dry and norma..
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