Yoghurt is one of the magical natural elixirs of Bulgaria, together with Rose oil and Rose water. Bulgarian Yoghurt is very specific and can only be made in Bulgaria, due to the specific climatic conditions. It contains the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which is one of the best probiotics. This bacteria is only typical for the geographic region of the country, thus making Bulgarian Yoghurt unique.

What is it good for?

Bulgarian Yoghurt is famous all over the world for its properties. Not only is it very delicious, but it is also extremely good for human health. Probiotic from Yoghurt is one of the strongest means to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. It balances and regulates the digestive system. But Yoghurt is also widely known for its ability to make our skin beautiful and that's why it is so often used in cosmetics, in combination with Rose oil. Yoghurt in cosmetic products is not in the same form as the one we eat. It goes through many phases of complex processing, before it is suitable to use in moisturisers.

Why is it good for the skin?

The beneficial effect of Yoghurt on the skin is due to its composition - it contains Milk acid, Calcium, Zinc and Vitamins. It also has an antibacterial effect and can be used as cleansing and nourishing treatment for the skin. Yoghurt cures acne and all sorts of skin irritations. It hydrates the skin and prevents it from becoming dry and rough. For this reason Yoghurt can also be used to treat cracked skin on the feet.

Yoghurt has anti-ageing effect

When treated with Yoghurt the skin becomes more elastic, soft and fresh, because it slows down the ageing process and eliminates wrinkles. Milk acid neutralizes the harmful effect of free radicals and removes effectively fine lines. Yoghurt is also very good for the hair. It can be used to treat dandruff or just as a conditioner for softer hair. Hair masks with Yoghurt help in cases of damaged hair with tangled ends.

Yoghurt removes pigment spots

Yoghurt is famous for its ability to remove pigment spots on the skin. Those spots are usually the result of spending too much time, exposed to the sun. They can also appear at a certain age. This pigmentation is not harmful for the health, but causes aesthetic discomfort. The spots destroy beauty of our skin. Cosmetic products, which contain Probiotic from Yoghurt, help in the fight against pigment spots. They also have a mild whitening effect, due to the Zinc in the yoghurt's composition. It clarifies and evens the complexion, helps erase scars of different origin and removes dark circles under the eyes.

 Yoghurt effectively fights acne

Probiotic from Yoghurt has yet another positive effect on the skin - it solves the problem with acne and spots on the skin. Yoghurt destroys different kind of bacteria that cause acne and it eliminates fungi, which attack human body. It has exceptional hydrating properties and is a real medicine for dry and sensitive skin, making it velvety soft, gentle and smooth. Yoghurt nourishes the skin cells, supplies them with oxygen, helps their regeneration and keeps moisture in the skin, thus maintaining it young and healthy.

 Yoghurt helps sunburnt skin

Like Rose water, Yoghurt is a pure elixir when it comes to sunburnt skin. It has an exceptional soothing effect, removes the redness, prevents from appearance of blisters and peeling of the skin. The cells regenerate much faster and skin structure is restored, without any severe damage. Yoghurt also has a cooling effect, relieves the burning sensation and accelerates the recovery process. Cosmetic products with Yoghurt probiotic and UV Filter are very suitable for sun protection, as well as for treating the symptoms and discomfort, caused by burnt skin.

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