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12 Apr Rose water Eye & Mouth
Tanya 0 5307
Rose water - Pure Elixir of Nature Rose water has been one of the most precious cosmetic products for centuries and its beneficial properties remain unmatched until today. What makes it so special is ..
24 Jul Rose Water
Tanya 0 3038
Beneficial effects of the Rose water Rose water is one of the most precious cosmetic products that exist on the market. What makes it unique is the fact that it is completely natural, perfectly safe a..
15 May Bulgarian Yoghurt
Tanya 0 4296
Yoghurt is one of the magical natural elixirs of Bulgaria, together with Rose oil and Rose water. Bulgarian Yoghurt is very specific and can only be made in Bulgaria, due to the specific climatic cond..
30 Oct International Shipping
Tanya 0 2147
Land of Roses is proud to announce that we now offer international delivery to approximately 120 countries worldwide. What do you need to know if you are an international customer:          1. Do you ..
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