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Brand: Biofresh
Deep cleansing Hand gel, which has a protective, cleansing and refreshing effect and does not need washing. It can be used anywhere, anytime, even when you are unable to clean your hands with water and soap. Specially created for your protection. Active Ingredients: 62% Ethanol, Rose water, Sil..
Premium Snail Face Serum 50+ with Snail extract & Plant Stem cells. Lifting Effect. Age group - over 50 years. * Snails are Not harmed in the process of production - only their secretion is used and they are treated with great care. Active ingredients: 100% Pure Snail secretion extract..
Brand: Biofresh
Leave in & Intensive care Hair conditioner Diamond Rose with White Rose oil & Diamond powder. Active ingredients: ROSA ALBA ROSE OIL – this natural toner restores the firmness and elasticity of the skin and assists in neutralising the damaging free radicals. Suitable for all skin..
Rejuvenating Face serum with Rose oil 100% Natural ingredients
-50 %
Brand: Damascena
Rejuvenating serum, made of 100% essential and vegetable oils. This serum is ideal for any type of skin, especially for normal to combination skin. The rich nourishing blend of oils and balancing ingredients penetrates deeply, replenishes, hydrates and gives the skin a healthy glow, increases its el..
£11.95 £23.90
Bio Argan oil Anti-age Face oil Complex 6 15 ml
Hot -30 %
A cocktail of 6 valuable vegetable & flower oils: Bio Argan oil Bio Rose oil Grape seed oil Hazelnut oil Sweet almond oil Apricot oil It nourishes the skin and helps smooth the fine wrinkles, restores its elasticity, strength and shine. The Hazelnut oil and Sweet almond oil ensure softness and..
£10.15 £14.50
Organic Rose oil Capsules
STAR Product Hot -50 %
Brand: Alba Group
Capsules with Organic Bulgarian Rose oil - Rose Pearls. 30 capsules per package. Ingredients of 1 capsule, 280 mg: Active ingredient – natural essential Rose oil (Rosa Damascena), grown in Bulgaria - 5 mg Auxilliary substances: silica dioxide - 8 mg, linseed oil (virgin, organic) - 150 mg and soybea..
£16.45 £32.90
Organic Rosa Damascena Tea
Hot -20 %
Brand: Alba Group
Organic Rose Tea from oil-bearing Damask Rose petals (Rosa Damscena Mill). Delicious, beautifully fragrant natural product. Content: 100% Damask Rose petals The fragrant Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena Mill) is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. The first plants were brought to the country f..
£4.00 £5.00
Liquid soap Rose Berry Nature, containing Bulgarian Rose oil & Goji berry. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose Water, Goji berry extract, Apple extract, Allantoin. Liquid soap with gentle fragrance for mild cleansing of the skin. Enriched with natural ingredients from Rose, Goji berry and Ap..
Brand: Biofresh
Probiotic ultra mild Facial Wash gel Yoghurt of Bulgaria for sensitive skin with Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil & hydrolyzed Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil, hydrolized Yoghurt Protein A mild gel for perfect and at the same time delicate washing&..
Organic 100% Pure Rose oil (Otto) Bio Rose oil of Bulgaria 1.2 gr Amphora
-10 %
Brand: Biofresh
100% Pure Bio Organic original Bulgarian Rose oil (Otto) 1.2 gr Amphora with a certificate for authenticity. Producer: Biofresh - Plovdiv, Bulgaria Size: 1.2 gr. (equals 1.2 ml. in a liquid form) Method of extraction: Steam distillation. Rose petals are steamed with pure river water o..
£32.70 £36.50
The Natural Rose Water is obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing “Rosa Damascena Mill” through distillation. It is a pure elixir for the human skin. Producer: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo, Bulgaria. Size: 330 ml Beneficial Effects: Has an anti-inflammatory,&nb..
Hand gel Lavender 85 ml. for dry wash with pleasant Lavender fragrance. Made with 63% alcohol content. It cleans and disinfects the hands without water, absorbs and dries quickly, moisturises and softens the skin. The Hand gel leaves the hands clean and refreshed. Suitable for work, picnic, tra..
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