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Brand: Damascena
Rose water Mouthwash with Rosa Damascena & Saffron. Natural, 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose water specifically formulated for the mouth. NO Preservatives, Parabens, artificial colours or flavours and no added sugar. The Mouthwash contains Rose water, Saffron and White Birch extract - Xylitol. Ros..
Body butter Rose Signature Spa with Bulgarian Rose oil & Caviar extract. Active ingredients: Bulgarian Rose oil, Natural Rose Water, Caviar complex, Brown Algae extract, Apple extract, Avocado oil, Almond oil. Body butter with rich formula, which helps stimulate cellular metabolism, revital..
Brand: Biofresh
Shower gel Rose of Bulgaria with Natural Bulgarian Rose Water. Active ingredients: Natural Rose Water, Macadamia oil, Coconut oil extracts Tender and delicate shower gel for everyday body hygiene. Washes effectively without disturbing the physiological skin balance. It contains the unique Bulgarian ..
Brand: Alba Group
Capsules with Organic Bulgarian Rose oil. 30 capsules per package. Ingredients of 1 capsule, 280 mg: Active ingredient – natural essential Rose oil (Rosa Damascena), grown in Bulgaria - 5 mg Auxilliary substances: silica dioxide - 8 mg, linseed oil (virgin, organic) - 150 mg and soybean oil (r..
Brand: Alba Group
Organic Rose Tea from oil-bearing Damask Rose petals (Rosa Damscena Mill). Delicious, beautifully fragrant natural product. Content: 100% Damask Rose petals The fragrant Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena Mill) is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. The first plants were brought to the country f..
Pure Bulgarian Rose water. NO Preservates, Parabens and Alcohol. The Natural Rose Water is obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing “Rosa Damascena Mill” through distillation. It is a pure elixir for the human skin. Producer: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo, Bulgaria. Size:&n..
100% Pure original Bulgarian Rose oil (otto) 1 gr
-11 %
100% Pure original Bulgarian Rose oil (Otto) 1 gr with a certificate for authenticity. Producer: Bulgarian Rose - Karlovo, Bulgaria Size: 1.0 gr. (equals 1.0 ml. in a liquid form) Method of extraction: Steam distillation. Rose petals are steamed with pure river water only. No other co..
£23.90 £26.90
Parfum with amazing Rose fragrance. Feel the majestic scent of the "Queen of flowers", the Damask Rose. This perfume has a very natural, classic Old Rose aroma. Contains Rose water & Rose oil. The perfect gift! * Please note that this product is not available for International delivery...
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