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Shower gel Rose Damascena with Rose oil and Vitamins A & E
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Brand: Damascena
Shower gel Rose Damascena with Bulgarian Rose Oil. !Please note: this product expires in 06.2022 and it will be good to use for at least 3-5 months after that. Active ingredients: Bulgarian Rose Oil, Natural foaming complex, Natural Rose water, Rose Geranium oil, Vitamins A & E. Cry..
Shower gel Bulgarian Rose for Men with Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil, Natural Rose water, Bamboo extract, Prebiotic, Geranium extract, Green olives extract. Refreshing and invigorating shower gel with a modern, exquisite fragrance - a unique blend..
Shower gel with Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and Yoghurt. Active ingredients: Rose oil, Rose water, Yoghurt extract, Olive oil. Shower gel for delicate cleansing and refreshing of the body. Its formula, enriched with Rose oil, Yoghurt and Olive oil, protects an..
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