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Alba Group Ltd is a leading company in the production of Essential Bulgarian Rose oil, Rose water and other Essential oil products. Their production is well-known on the local and global market. Alba Group Ltd  is a result of many years of research and development of first-class Essential oils and Rose plants.


Their products are a unique combination between Bulgarian rose growing tradition and the best international practices.


They perform strict quality control during manufacturing and packing of their Rose oil and the whole range of essential oils they produce. Additionally, they perform on-site inspections of the Rose plants and subject new facilities and technologies to improve the production quality.


In order to guarantee the quality of their products they work in close collaboration with specialised independent laboratories to validate and certify their products. This certification guarantees the quality of the products.


Tradition, style and quality  are the general elements of their philosophy. .

They achieve these through:

  • direct care and responsibility for the Rose plants;
  • ability to control the quality of the raw material and the final product;
  • careful selection of the best Rose oil flowers;
  • permanent company development and research;


Alba Group Ltd is a certified Essential oil producer. Their Essential oils are used for natural perfumes, homeopathic medicines, body care products and more. The essential oils and waters are made from the finest Organic flowers. All phases of their production process, including distillation, packaging and shipping, are done according to strict EU guidelines. Their Rose essential oil meets all the standards for pure and natural Rose oil.


When buying essential oils from Alba Group Ltd you get a superior product at an excellent price.

Deep Cleansing Hand Lotion Lavender Alba 100 ml Spray
-30 %
Brand: Alba Group
This fluid Lotion is in a compact size of 100 ml, which is very suitable for the handbag, the car or while visiting the shops. It can be carried anywhere and is super easy to use due to the handy spray pump. It can disinfect not only your hands or the surfaces..
£6.23 £8.90
Natural scented Candle with Organic Rose oil 165 gr.
-30 %
Brand: Alba Group
Rose scented Bio candle Alba with Organic Rose oil. Shape and size: white colour, rose flower shape, 165 gr., in a box. Beautiful candle in the shape of a White rose, with Rose oil aroma. The candle has to burn for about an hour, then is extinguished for 20 minutes and can be lit again. Ca..
£9.03 £12.90
Handmade glycerin soap with Organic Rose oil 70 gr.
-20 %
Brand: Alba Group
Handmade glycerin soap Alba with Organic Rose oil. Shape and size: light pink colour, rose flower shape, 70 gr., in a box. This gentle soap cleanses, softens, smoothes and soothes the skin, without drying it. Beautiful fragrance of Rose oil. Perfect for a special little gift.&n..
£4.40 £5.50
Natural toilet soap Alba with Rose absolute 100 gr.
Product of the Month -20 %
Brand: Alba Group
Natural toilet soap Alba with Rose absolute. Shape and size: white colour, rectangular shape, 100 gr., in a box. This gentle soap cleanses, softens, smoothes and soothes the skin. It is designed for hygienic purposes - washing hands and body. Delicate fragrance of Rose absolute. Con..
£3.92 £4.90
Universal moisturising face cream with Organic Rose oil & Rose water
Featured -20 %
Brand: Alba Group
Universal moisturising face cream Alba with Organic Rose oil & Q10. Active ingredients: Organic Rose oil of White roses, Organic Rose water, Coenzyme Q-10, Vitamin E and B5, Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Macadamia oil, Olive oil, ..
£17.60 £22.00
Brand: Alba Group
Hair Shampoo Alba for coloured hair with Organic Rose Absolute and Rose water. Active ingredients: Organic Rose Absolute, Organic Rose water, extracts from Coconut oil, Hydrolized Keratin, Panthenol, Glycerin, Citric acid. This shampoo protects the colour of your hair. Does not irrita..
Brand: Alba Group
Hair Shampoo Alba for extra volume with Organic Rose Absolute and Rose water. Active ingredients: Organic Rose Absolute, Organic Rose water, extracts from Coconut oil, Hydrolized Keratin, Panthenol, Glycerin, Citric acid. The shampoo helps to recover hair's vitality and elasticity&nbs..
Brand: Alba Group
Body oil with Absolute of Rose oil. Active ingredients: Rosa Damascena flower extract, Olive oil, Sweet Almond oil, Apricot kernel oil, Wheat germ oil. Body oil for direct application. This is very high quality, pure, organic oil. It can be used for body massage, as an ingredient for cosmetic..
Brand: Alba Group
Rose Jam from oil-bearing Damask Rose petals. Delicious, natural product. Content: Damask Rose petals, Sugar. Does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. This delicatessen jam is made from organically grown Roses and follows a traditional Bulgarian recipe. Its consumption reg..
Brand: Alba Group
Honey with a drop of the precious Rose oil and irresistible aroma of Damask Roses. Delicious, natural product. Content: 100% Pure Bee Honey, Rose oil: 0.01% Size: 260 gr. Store in a dark and dry place, at room temperature. Please note that the natural honey crystalises and this is a normal process, ..
Brand: Alba Group
Natural Eau de Parfum spray. The natural perfume crystalises at low temperatures. It is due to the content of Bulgarian Rose Oil. Active Ingredients: Rose water, Rose oil, Geranium oil, Rosa Damascena Absolute, Mint oil, Sage oil, Sandalwood oil, Rose fragrance Perfume. This is a very high qual..
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