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Nature of Agiva Eye cream with Intensive Anti-wrinkle effect 30 ml
New -50 %
Nature of Agiva Eye cream Intensive Anti wrinkle effect with Rose oil and Argan oil.  Special Formula for the eye  contour with Natural Rose oil and Argan oil and Marine collagen. Deep moisturizer, which reduces the delicate wrinkles. Efficiently returns vital..
£4.95 £9.90
Precious Eye contour cream Naturel with Rose oil and Japanese Camellia 100% Natural
New -50 %
Precious Eye contour Cream by Naturel cosmetics. Organic, handmade product with Bulgarian Rose oil, Japanese Camellia oil, Hyaluronic acid + 7 Restoring oils.The unique formula combines active regenerating ingredients in high concentration for long lasting and intensive hydration deep into the ..
£14.90 £29.80
Hand gel Lavender 290 ml
-50 %
Hand gel Lavender 290 ml. for dry wash with pleasant Lavender fragrance. Made with 63% alcohol content. It cleans and disinfects the hands without water, absorbs and dries quickly, moisturises and softens the skin. The Hand gel leaves the hands clean and refreshed. Suitable for work, picnic, tr..
£9.95 £19.90
Oil for Dry skin 100% natural 100 ml
-50 %
Brand: Rivana
Oil for Dry skin 100 ml. 100% Natural product without preservatives and fragrances.  Ingredients: Almond oil, Wheat germ oil, Geranium oil, Lavender oil and Orange oil. The oil for dry skin strengthens the skin and protects it from drying out. The combination of Almond oil and Wh..
£4.30 £8.60
Body oil Alba with Rose absolute, Rose water & Q10
Featured -50 %
Brand: Alba Group
Body oil Alba with Rose absolute, Rose water & Q10. Active ingredients: Rose absolute, Rose water, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E and B5, Argan oil, Sweet almond oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Grape seed oil, Macadamia oil, Olive oil, Sunflower seeds oil, Chamomile extract, Aloe ext..
£7.50 £15.00
Cleansing Milk Valcena Paris with Rose oil
-50 %
Brand: Valcena
You'll be captivated by the original texture of Valcena Cleansing Milk, which is between a lotion and a cream. This highly precise makeup remover deeply cleanses your skin from toxins and impurities. It refreshes, cleanses and removes makeup, without having to rinse your face. Benefits: Soft and fr..
£7.40 £14.80
Probiotic Anti-age Eye concentrate Yoghurt of Bulgaria
-50 %
Brand: Biofresh
Probiotic Anti-age Eye concentrate Yoghurt of Bulgaria for sensitive skin with Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil & Yoghurt Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil, Probiotic from Bulgarian Yoghurt Amazing concentrated youth and beauty for your skin. Highly effective an..
£4.50 £9.00
Bathroom Air freshener Aroma Fantasy
-50 %
Cute and unusual bathroom Air freshener, made of little pieces of natural glycerin soap. It gives gentle fresh aroma to your bathroom. The small bits of fragrant soap will take you to a world of soft, flowery, warm, oriental and mystic aromas. ! Please note: all the bathroom Air fresheners come..
£2.00 £4.00
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