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Royal series Agiva Vitalizing Day Cream 50 ml
New -30 %
Vitalizing Day face cream Nature of Agiva with Natural Bulgarian Rose Water Active ingredients: Natural Rose Water, Panthenol Nature has incredible powers. Because of this, only healthy ingredients with natural origin were used in the making of this delicate day cream, which has amazing sooth..
£4.97 £7.10
Max Protect Liquid soap 290 ml with Lactic acid & Thyme oil
New -30 %
Liquid soap Max Protect with Thyme oil & Lactic acid. Active ingredients: Lactic acid, Thyme oil, Glycerin.Ultra hygienic liquid hand soap. Enriched with Lactic acid and Thyme oil for optimal cleaning. Forms thick and abundant foam without drying the skin. Thyme oil's antibacterial properti..
£3.71 £5.30
Clean Guard Hand Hygiene Gel Sanitizer 70% alcohol with Mint & Lemon 250 ml
New -30 %
Clean Guard Hand Hygiene Gel Sanitizer has a deep cleansing effect and does not require rinsing. Excellent product for hand hygiene, suitable for using at work, home and when travelling. It has added Mint and Lemon extracts as natural antimicrobial agents that help keep hands clean. Size: 250 m..
£5.53 £7.90
Hand Cleansing Spray Rosateya with Aloe & Lavender oil 50 ml
New -30 %
Brand: Rosateya
Hand Cleansing Spray Rosateya with Aloe Vera extract & Lavender oil. 100% Natural product Size: 50 ml. Active ingredients: 99.3° denatured alcohol - 70%, Aloe vera extract, Glycerin, Lavender oil Natural hand cleansing spray based on 99.3° denatured alcohol and bio certified Aloe Vera ex..
£4.55 £6.50
Anti-Ageing face Serum Naturel with Rose oil and Calendula extract 100% Natural
New -30 %
100% Natural Anti-Ageing Serum by Naturel cosmetics. Organic, handmade product with Bulgarian Rose oil, Calendula extract, Hyaluronic acid + rich complex of natural oils and rejuvenating ingredients.Rejuvenating, highly moisturising, nourishing, glowing, soothing, regulating and balancing, all ..
£19.32 £27.60
Deep Cleansing Liquid Soap Biofresh Protect 500 ml
New -30 %
Brand: Biofresh
Deep Cleansing Liquid soap Biofresh Protect with Natural Bulgarian Rose Water Size: 500 ml. Active ingredients: Natural Rose Water, Silver Water This Deep cleansing liquid soap cleans in depth, gently protects the skin and leaves an incredible scent behind. Biofresh Protect liquid soap owes its clea..
£4.55 £6.50
Comforting Face oil Valcena with Rose & Jojoba oil - Dry skin
-30 %
Brand: Valcena
Comforting Face oil Valcena with Rose & Jojoba oil for Dry skin Active Ingredients: 100% pure Rosa Damascena oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Rosemary extract. This oil contains 99.4% Naturally derived ingredients. It is FREE from parabens, mineral o..
£18.83 £26.90
Gift set Rose Original with Micellar water and Parfum roll-on
-30 %
Beautiful Gift set with 3 products, containing Bulgarian Rose оil. The Gift set includes: 1.Micellar water with Rose oil: Active ingredients: Natural rose water, Rose oil, Glycerin, Aloe extract. Micellar water cleanses quickly and effectively any make-up and impurities from the face and the de..
£9.94 £14.20
Body Scrub Valcena Paris with Rose oil
-30 %
Brand: Valcena
Delicate Body Scrub Valcena Paris. This extra-creamy scrub changes to a milky texture upon contact with skin for efficient cleansing. It removes dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin smooth and incredibly soft. Effective on rough areas (elbows, knees, heels) Formula, suitable for sensiti..
£11.27 £16.10
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