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Nourishing hair mask Rose of Bulgaria
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Brand: Biofresh
Nourishing Hair Mask Rose of Bulgaria with Natural Bulgarian Rose Water   Active ingredients: Natural Rose Water, D-Panthenol, Wheat extract and Macadamia oil   Nourishing Hair Mask, specially formulated to meet the needs of dry, dull hair ..
£6.64 £8.30
Purifying Glycerin Soap Bulgarian Rose for Men
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Purifying Glycerin Soap Bulgarian Rose for Men with Natural Bulgarian Rose water Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Natural Rose water, Bamboo extract, Prebiotic, Caffeine, Charcoal extract. Handmade glycerin soap for deep cleansing of the skin and hair. Parabens FREE...
£3.60 £4.50
Body Rose oil 100% natural 50 ml
-20 %
Brand: Rivana
Body Rose oil - 100% Natural composition of Rose & base oils in 50ml glass bottle. Ingredients: 100% pure Bulgarian Rose oil (otto), Almond oil, Argan oil, Apricot kernel oil, Grape seed oil, Sea Buckthorn oil Rose oil is extremely rich in active ingredients, which stimulate the regene..
£21.52 £26.90
Oil for Dry hair 100% Natural 100 ml
-20 %
Brand: Rivana
Oil for Dry hair 100 ml. 100% Natural product without preservatives and fragrances.  Ingredients: 100% Pure Almond oil, Burdock oil, Argan oil, Lavender oil, Thyme oil, Ylang-Ylang oil, Pine oil. The combination of vegetable and essential oils protects dry hair, retains moisture, improves ..
£8.32 £10.40
Oil for Dry skin 100% natural 100 ml
-20 %
Brand: Rivana
Oil for Dry skin 100 ml. 100% Natural product without preservatives and fragrances.  Ingredients: Almond oil, Wheat germ oil, Geranium oil, Lavender oil and Orange oil. The oil for dry skin strengthens the skin and protects it from drying out. The combination of Almond oil and Wh..
£6.88 £8.60
Hand cream Valcena Paris with Rose oil
-20 %
Brand: Valcena
The rich, creamy texture of this Hand cream protects, repairs and nourishes even the most sensitive hands. Suitable for normal to very dry skin.  Benefits: No sticky or grassy feeling after using Prevents the appearance of age spots Moisturises, nourishes and protects from external aggressions..
£8.40 £10.50
Probiotic Toning Shower gel Yoghurt of Bulgaria
-20 %
Brand: Biofresh
Probiotic Toning Shower gel Yoghurt of Bulgaria for sensitive skin with Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil & Yoghurt Active ingredients: 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Oil, Probiotic from Bulgarian Yoghurt Delicate care for the skin of the body, combining perfect cleansing with an incredib..
£5.52 £6.90
Luxury perfume Lady's Joy Luxury
-20 %
Elegant floral scent like the sunlight, the breath of wind and the morning dew. Designed for delicate, spontaneous and charming ladies, decisive in their actions and courageous in their desires. Contains Organic Rose water and Organic Rose oil. Gentle, classy, subtle, exquisite perfume, very lo..
£39.52 £49.40
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